After your vasectomy, you should go home and rest for the remainder of the day and evening. Minimize any kind of activity. Some men have no pain at all while many others have aches in the groin. That’s because the testes originate from the abdomen as an embryo and share some of the same nerve supplies. Anything in the scrotum may be perceived in the abdomen as well.

Post Vasectomy Instructions

The First 48 Hours

For the first 48 hours, continue to avoid any alcohol, take 2 tablets of extra-strength Tylenol every 6 hours and ice the area regularly.

The First Week

After 48 hours, take 2 tablets of Ibuprofen (400mg) every 6 hours with food no matter how good you feel as this will reduce the post-surgical inflammation. Do this for five days. If you get side effects, of course stop the pills. Monitor for high blood pressure and an upset stomach.

after vasectomy - how long until sexRemember no sex or ejaculation for a week. Light blood in the semen within the first month or two after a vasectomy is normal and no cause for concern.

For the first week, avoid any exertion, exercise, extensive walking, climbing, jogging, or sports…you get the idea.

When pain and tenderness are minimal, you may return to your usual activity but on the first day back start off at ½ your usual workout. In general, avoid lifting more than 15 lbs (including babies or children) in the first week.

It is normal to have some discoloration of the skin (blue and black) around the puncture site a few days after your vasectomy. This will gradually go away.

Some men will develop swelling and tenderness on one side or both. This is usually due to an exaggerated inflammatory response that is often normal and necessary for sperm recycling and reabsorption. It is managed effectively with ibuprofen 600mg 3 times a day.

You might notice a lump on each side of your scrotum after your vasectomy for the new few weeks. That is a scar where we cut and sealed your vas. It usually feels like a knot the size of a pea and may swell to the size of a marble and be tender for a few weeks after the procedure but then becomes smaller and non-tender.

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Vasectomy Semen Testing

After 3 months, follow up with your semen specimen for analysis as outlined below. Continue birth control until our doctors review your test results. We will contact you once we have received the results  – usually within two weeks – to schedule a follow-up phone call (with the Comfort Package) or appointment with the doctor.

Post-Vasectomy Semen Analysis Procedure


Please abstain from having sex or ejaculating for two days before you collect your specimen.

Call the lab

Please call the lab 2 weeks in advance to confirm they can accept your semen analysis (they may send you to a different lab). They should accept the requisition form that we will provide for you. When dropping off your sample, you must bring your requisition form with you or they will not accept your sample.


Collect the semen by masturbating directly into a sealed, sterile specimen container. If you lose a portion of the semen, throw the container out and collect your specimen at another time. If you’ve misplaced the container, please get another one – ask for a urine analysis container. Please do not use any other type of container.

Drop it off

Close the container tightly. Label it with your first and last name, date of birth, plus the date and time you produced the sample. Deliver your specimen to the laboratory immediately (within 1 hour) after collection, keeping the container warm in your pocket or next to your body en route.

Follow up

Two weeks after dropping off your specimen, please call us to ensure we have the results, if you have not heard from us. If you purchased our Comfort Package, we will schedule a call with the doctor to discuss the results with you over the phone. Otherwise, you will need to book an appointment to come in and review your results.

Vasectomy Complications

No-scalpel vasectomy is associated with few and infrequent complications, although with any surgical procedure there are occasional problems.

Even though complications are rare, do not hesitate to consult with our clinic if you have any questions.
Remember, early treatment (if any is needed) is always best. Our team is there for you before and after your procedure.

Most Common Complications Post-Vasectomy

  • Bleeding (usually mild) into the scrotum (1/100).
  • Scrotal hematoma, which is where a major bleed into the scrotum causes a grapefruit sized tender scrotum that could be disabling for up to two months (1/2000).
  • Minor Infection rate requiring antibiotics (1/100).
  • Major infection requiring hospital admission for abscess treatment, with usually IV antibiotics and sometimes incision of the abscess (1/1000).
  • Epididymitis resulting in swelling of the epididymis, which is where sperm is normally stored (1/50). This almost invariably resolves with anti-inflammatories, ice and rest.
  • Sperm granuloma is a painful lump made of leaked sperm that develops at the site where the tube was cut (1/500). It also almost invariably resolves with anti-inflammatories, ice and rest.
  • Post-vasectomy pain syndrome is a rare complication of pain in the scrotum that can persist for months or years, and may be quite debilitating (1/1000). Some men may never completely recover from this, or it may resolve on its own, or through another surgical procedure. Certain medications may also be tried to control the symptoms.
  • Post-vasectomy failure is a rare outcome, where men manage to impregnate their partner even after a successful vasectomy verified by semen tests showing no motile sperm (1/2000).

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