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Our Saskatchewan clinics in Saskatoon, Regina and Swift Current are proud to offer world-class surgical methods to Saskatchewan men.

We are Canadian leaders in performing no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy procedures in our clinics across Canada.

Vasectomy Services for Men in Saskatoon, Regina & Swift Current

Our current clinic locations in Saskatchewan include Regina, Saskatoon and Swift Current.  Please see the clinic addresses on the Locations page.  You can book at all locations by calling our single phone number.

Please use the Contact form to reach any of our locations, or just call 306-955-2250.

The Gentle Vasectomy Clinic

Our vasectomy doctors understand the situation of men requiring a vasectomy surgery. This is why we work to provide a private and personalized experience for our clients.

Our doctors and staff are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have, and are available by phone, or by booking a consultation. The clinic generally has appointments available within a few days and you can request an appointment now if desired.

Meet the Clinic Team

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Dr Amith Mulla

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Dr Neil Pollock

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Our Mission – Why a Vasectomy Clinic?

We are dedicated to upholding the highest international standards of male surgical care in vasectomy while treating our patients with compassion, dignity, and respect. These objectives are  achieved in a private clinic with a simple and clear mission. Because our entire team is focused on this surgical procedure we are able to provide a fast and comfortable experience for our clients.

Gentle Procedures Clinic meets the needs of men and families for reliable permanent birth control and delivers quality care. At our clinic the clients come first.

How to Book Your Vasectomy

Saskatchewan Health covers the full cost of a no-scalpel vasectomy at Gentle Procedures. You will pay nothing for your procedure if you choose no-scalpel vasectomy with standard anesthesia.

We also offer the option for a Comfort Package for improved comfort and convenience for $245. You can choose either option, and you can see detail on the Comfort Package below.

This is a package of optional, un-insured services that many clients choose, but we are pleased to offer the no fee procedure as well.

Please click here to proceed to online registration for your vasectomy.

The vasectomy Comfort Package responds to your needs in three ways:

  • We use the No-Needle anaesthesia for maximum comfort.
  • All post-vasectomy supplies will be provided to you at no additional cost.
  • Your post-surgery follow-ups will be done by phone, minimizing your travel.


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No Needle Anesthesia with No Scalpel Vasectomy

Nobody wants a needle in the scrotum – so we use No Needle Anesthesia to numb your skin and vas deferens prior to your vasectomy surgery. We use an air pressure spray applicator to spray a fine stream of anesthetic (0.1 cc/injection) through the skin instead of a needle, freezing both the skin and vas deferens at the same time.

With this method, no object physically enters the scrotum. With this No-Needle method there is less risk of puncturing a blood vessel and patient stress is reduced which helps relax the scrotum so there is less uncomfortable tugging and pulling during the procedure.

Patients report less pain during freezing, and it also reduces the procedure length since less time is spent controlling bleeding or managing local hematoma from the needle. No Needle anesthesia is an important benefit of the Comfort Package.

sask vasectomy package price

No Cost for Post-Vasectomy Supplies Provided

Everything that you will need for care after surgery will be packaged together and given to you the day of your surgery. This saves you the trouble of making a trip (or several) to the pharmacy to make purchases of ointment, gauze, Tylenol, etc.

You will be able to go directly home after your vasectomy and relax – icing your scrotum as instructed.

Telephone Follow-Up Post Vasectomy

male vasectomy in Regina skTelephone follow-up, including your semen test results, is part of your Comfort Package.

The phone follow-up is not covered by medicare but offers you the important benefit of saving the time it would take to come back to the clinic for an additional appointment.

You can go ahead and register online now and we will call you to schedule you single visit no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy procedure.

All your follow up visits will be eliminated. Rather than coming back to our clinic after your surgery for follow-up and semen test results, we will schedule phone meetings for these and save you the unnecessary travel.

The Comfort Package fee enables us to provide this service, as Sask Health only pays for in-office visits. We have chosen to put patient interests first.

Choose the Comfort Package for Your Vasectomy

For the single fee of $245 you can have a simple and positive vasectomy experience.

Choose the Gentle Procedures Clinic Comfort Package to have just a single clinic visit, virtually painless no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy technique, and all post surgical details taken care of for you.

Contact us now for more information, or go ahead and register online.

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Register Online or Just Call Us Now

Choose the process that is best for you. Either way our dedicated physician and staff will be pleased to help you. We take pride in providing personalized services and individualized care. In all cases we provide full support before and after all procedures.

Please use the Appointment Request form to let us know when you might be available for your appointment or go ahead and book online if you want to save a little time on the phone.

Considerations Before Vasectomy

The decision to have a vasectomy is a serious one with lifelong consequences. There are many factors to consider and there are two that we will highlight here:

If there is a possibility that you might want additional children in the future you should not have a vasectomy. Your vasectomy will prevent you from conceiving a child and should be considered a permanent form of male birth control.

Vasectomy reversal surgery is not a fully effective way to restore male fertility, and no one should use surgery to temporarily suppress fertility. A vasectomy reversal may be possible but the results are not certain. A vasectomy is recommended only for men who are certain they will not want to conceive a baby.

If you are certain you don’t want more children, the remaining questions are related to your current physical condition, and there are not many contra-indications for a vasectomy procedure.

The main ones are to do with any pre-existing issues affecting your scrotum (hernia in that area, scarring) and your general ability to tolerate a minor surgery (abnormal blood coagulation, other pre-existing conditions). It is also vital that you follow the doctor’s instructions on post-operative care.

Male Sterilization – Potential Regrets

Vasectomy should be considered permanent and non-reversible as reversals are not guaranteed.

You may regret your decision one day if it is taken prematurely. Younger men, especially those in their 20s with fewer than 2 children, are most likely to seek a reversal in the future, often citing that they thought it was the right decision at the time only to be disappointed when their reversal procedure was unsuccessful.

Men change. Some men are totally convinced that they do not want kids. In our experience, some men develop a different attitude about having children as they get older and their life situation changes.

Women also change. Some women who do not want children change their minds as they grow older.

Some who have had bad reactions to pregnancy feel they would never want to go through another pregnancy only to change their minds after a few years.

Relationships can end. Despite how stable our relationships may seem, there is a chance that in a few years, you may be with a different partner who may have a strong desire to have kids.

Sperm Storage

In the unlikely event that you will want to have kids again in the future, and vasectomy reversal is not an option, or successful, sperm storage may be a way of allowing yourself to procreate again. Please consider storing sperm prior to your vasectomy.

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