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On this site you will find information about circumcision for babies, boys, and adult men of all ages. Our goal is to make it simple for you to get the info and services you may require.

Baby circumcision is commonly done relatively early in the life of your son. Procedures completed in the first four weeks are considered newborn circumcisions.

If you have taken the decision to have your son circumcised it is recommended to schedule the procedure as soon as possible in his young and new life.

The Canadian Paediatric Society does not recommend the routine circumcision of every newborn male. Our position is aligned with the Canadian Paediatric Society – in that while we offer circumcision for those who wish it, we do not intend to promote the procedure as medically recommended.

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Circumcising Your Infant at Our Clinic in Saskatoon

baby circumcision REGINAGentle Procedures Saskatchewan was founded by Dr. Amith Mulla and Dr. Neil Pollock.

Dr. Mulla is known in Saskatchewan as a leading practitioner of general surgery as well as for baby circumcision.

Dr. Pollock is one of Canada’s most experienced circumcision providers and he has succesfully completed over 40,000 infant circumcisions over the last two decades.

Infant circumcision is our specialty and our focus has permitted us to develop significant specialized experience in circumcising baby boys.

Our medical team has been carefully trained by Dr. Pollock and we are proud to use the Pollock Technique™ in providing safe and simple access to infant circumcision in the province of Saskatchewan.

Our doctors and nurses will support you after the circumcision surgery with a hotline for questions and detailed instructions on post-circumcision care for your baby son.

Gentle Procedures Experience

The focused practice of our clinic permits us to optimize the circumcision procedure as well as the overall experience.

Having served thousands of babies and families we have developed specialized systems and processes to offer these services differently than any other institution.

Preparation for Your Baby Boy

You will receive detailed instruction on how to prepare your son for the 30 second operation. This includes how to time feeding before surgery to maximize your babies comfort. Babies will have Tylenol before and after surgery, and are given a sugary pacifier to distract and entertain them during the procedure. Some babies even sleep through the whole thing.

Post Procedure Care

You will receive instructions on how to provide care after the circumcision. The goal is to minimize your child’s discomfort and promote healing. You will be shown how to minimize the risk of infection and informed of warning signs to watch for in case of any complications. Our doctors are available by phone after surgery for any questions or concerns.

A Baby Circumcision Clinic

When looking for the facility for your son’s circumcision, please consider that the techniques for providing this surgery can vary from doctor to doctor. Our Pollock method has been refined and standardized over 40,000 procedures.

Hospital Infant Circumcision Procedures

Hospitals in Saskatoon or Regina don’t always make circumcision available for newborns. In the past, some hospitals offered circumcisions for infants before the mother and baby left the maternity ward, but this is no longer always the case.

We have circumcision clinic locations, in Saskatoon, Regina and Swift Current to do circumcision procedures, where we welcome patients from all over Saskatchewan.

Where to Get an Infant Circumcision

It may be possible to get the operation in a hospital on an outpatient basis, but these institutions cannot offer the service level and experience of a specialized private clinic.

Large institutions manage hundreds of different services and must prioritize urgent situations over hospital circumcisions.

Benefits of Circumcising Babies

Baby circumcisions are generally requested for cultural and religious reasons. Some parents also decide to circumcise their son for cosmetic and personal reasons.

The important thing is to make an informed decision that you will be happy with.

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The Pollock Process at Gentle Procedures

All the following preparatory steps are taken to ensure your son is as comfortable as possible during the procedure. You will see that four actions will be taken to provide the optimal experience for your child.

Baby Tylenol Just Before You Come to the Clinic

We will have you give your infant son 0.5 ml of Tempra or Tylenol (also called acetaminophen) just before you leave home. Please do not give any other medication besides Tylenol or Tempra (i.e. No Ibuprofen, Advil etc.) because it may effect bleeding time.

baby boy circumcising saskatoonTopical Anesthetic Cream to Numb the Skin

In our office, your child will have topical anesthetic applied to his penis. This is an anesthetic cream that numbs the skin. This surface painkiller is the second step we take to minimize discomfort during circumcision.

Pain Blocking Injection – Local Anesthetic

Next, once the skin is numb, your son will be given an injection called a dorsal penile ring block into the soft tissue alongside the penis. Our doctors use a combination block of both short and long acting anesthetic. This provides comfort and coverage for both the procedure and for hours after. Since the topical anesthetic has already numbed the skin, the injection is hardly felt.

Sugar Pacifier During the Brief Circumcision Operation

Ten minutes after the injection, the penis is fully desensitized and the circumcision can be done. During the circumcision soothing music is played, room temperature is increased and your son will receive sugar pacifiers to suck on for additional comfort. Studies show that the sweet flavours distract babies and reduce their perception of pain.

Caring Team Always Available

Although the circumcision takes about 30 second to 1 minute, we request that you be in the clinic for about one hour and fifteen minutes in total, so that we can carefully review with you all post procedure care and answer your questions before you take your child home.As parents we understand that safety concerns are always number one. For your peace of mind, your doctor will be available 24 hours a day. All clients are given our 24 hour contact information so they can reach the doctor directly 24/7 should any concerns arise.

Patient Instructions

Before Circumcision

On the day of your son’s circumcision, we recommend you feed your baby just before you leave your home to ensure comfort in our office. If your baby is hungry when you arrive, you can feed him for 15 minutes as soon as you arrive. Please remember to bring 2 receiving blankets.

After Circumcision

How to care for your baby in the first 24 hours following the circumcision:

  1. Keep your son snugly swaddled (especially his legs). The more he kicks his legs, the less comfortable he may be.
  2. There will be a white gauze with Vaseline placed over the head of your son’s penis. Leave the gauze in place and remove it after 24 hours. If it has fallen off, do not panic- just replace it with a fresh 3×3 gauze with some Vaseline on it and put it over the penis then close the diaper.
  3. Please check your son’s diaper every hour for the next 24 hours to look for any abnormal bleeding.
  4. If the white gauze is soiled with urine don’t worry just leave it alone. If it is soiled with stool, remove the gauze gently and rinse with warm water and replace the gauze with Vaseline on it.
  5. There will also be a yellow gauze wrapped around your son’s penis. Leave this gauze in place for 24 hours as well. If it falls off earlier, don’t worry just leave it off. If it is dry or stuck when you are trying to remove it after 24 hours, you may need to pull slightly harder and expect that there may be a little bleeding when you do this. This is normal and you may need to apply some direct pressure on the head of the penis as we taught you in the clinic. Maintain firm pressure for 3-5 minutes.
  6. For the following weeks, put a small amount of Vaseline on your finger and rub it over the incision site placing a thin layer of ointment over the entire head of the penis. No gauze bandages are required after the first 24 hours, just ointment.
  7. It is important to push the skin down off the head of the penis if it has moved up a little to ensure it heals properly just behind the back rim of the head. Do not do any pushing on the skin for the first two days because it will be swollen from the surgery. It is important to avoid “skin bridging” which results from the shaft skin or mucosa attaching to the head of the penis. If you are unsure of the appearance of your son’s penis, bring him to see one of our doctors, and they will adjust the skin for you if required.

We will provide you with written post-operative information before you leave the clinic and and you can find very detailed after-care instructions on the Post-Circumcision page.

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General care following the circumcision:

  1. It is normal for your son to be a little irritable or very sleepy for the first 24 hours following the circumcision.
  2. Most babies like to nurse in a quiet environment following the circumcision. A baby who cries for more than a few minutes is usually suffering from air swallowed during the circumcision and needs to be burped.
  3. Healing is promoted by keeping the area clean and dry but do not bathe your son until our doctors say it is okay to do so (generally after 3-4 days). In the meantime, warm water and a wash cloth are preferred for cleaning the area around the penis. Wiping his groin area and under the scrotum with warm water and cloth every day is good enough. Avoid moistened towelettes, alcohol, powders, and lotion since these may cause irritation.
  4. Disposable diapers are strongly recommended for the first week since they tend to be less irritating, and they help keep the area dryer and cleaner.
  5. It is better both before and for about three days following the circumcision to restrict the handling of your baby to just a few people. Also, avoid unnecessary travel as car seats can be irritating after circumcision.

The healing process after circumcision:

Healing is usually rapid and occurs in several stages. Remember that a circumcision is like any other cut. There are many factors that influence healing; but most importantly, every child heals differently.

First, the cut edge seals and bleeding ceases within minutes, hours, or even over the course of an entire day. The area just behind the glans (especially the underside) will become swollen. Sometimes parents mistake this for a blister. In fact, this is NORMAL and will subside within a week or two.

In the first two days, there may be an off-white or yellowish, patchy appearance or discoloration of the glans. These patches are a type of scab and are associated with normal healing. After a few days the area where the skin was cut may look green and yellow. This is NOT pus or infection. It is part of the normal healing process and it can take this color for up to two weeks after the circumcision. Some physicians are not familiar with this healing process and may mistake this for infection. Please follow up with our doctors if you are concerned.

You will also notice that the glans appears red and glossy, and sometimes purple or blue. This is because the skin covering the glans of an uncircumcised penis is mucous membrane (like the skin inside your cheek). Once exposed, the mucous membrane will toughen (or keratinize), and, in time, take on a normal appearance. It takes about a month for the penis to take on a normal, healed appearance. 

The appearance of the penis during healing:

A common concern for parents is aesthetics. Remember that penises come in all shapes and sizes. While most penises “look normal” within days of the circumcision, some do not take on a “completely normal appearance” until after the penis starts to grow.

Furthermore, although the penis may appear smaller after circumcision, it is not! This appearance is mostly due to the relaxation of skin surrounding the penis, which prior to circumcision holds the penis more erect.

On occasion, a poor aesthetic result occurs when too little or too much skin is removed, or more likely when the cut edge of the skin attaches too high or too low along the length of the penis. The latter is sometimes caused by the presence of a hydrocele or penile erections. In nearly all these cases, the penis will heal properly, and, in time, take on a normal appearance. If you are concerned in anyway about the appearance of your son’s penis, please call to consult us immediately.

Common Concerns From Parents After Circumcision

It is not unusual for your son to sleep 6-8 hours after the procedure and to miss a feeding or meal. Some patients will be irritable for a number of minutes to hours afterwards. Behaviorally, most babies and children are back to themselves by the next day or two.
In general, complete healing occurs in about four weeks but most newborns or children show signs of healing by 1 week.
It may sting a little on the first day, but after a day it should not be painful.
It is normal to use some force to pull off the gauze bandage. To make this easier, you can soak the gauze with warm water and Vaseline before pulling it off. In the end, you just may have to pull a little more firmly to get it off. Remember the direct pressure technique if you notice any bleeding.
A small amount of bleeding is normal. Take some gauze with Vaseline on it and squeeze the bleeding area of the penis with your fingers for 3-5 minutes.
This is not important. You may leave it off. Reapply a white gauze pad with Vaseline and place it over the penis until the 24 hours is up. Then, just use Vaseline as instructed at the incision site on every diaper change.
Not to worry just try to clean the area as best as you can using warm water and a cloth. Then place the white gauze with Vaseline on until the 24 hour mark is achieved.
If you are concerned about skin bridging, come back to have the baby examined. Usually it is very easy for us to make an adjustment.
For newborns, our physicians will let you know when at your follow up when you can start immersing your son in water.

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