The Gentle Procedures Clinics in Saskatoon, Regina and Swift Current offer the Pollock Technique™ circumcision, which is a comfortable option for baby, youth, and adult circumcision.

Our method combines multiple anesthetics, painkillers, and pain suppression methods to ensure a virtually painless experience.

Circumcisions are performed in our clinics, and the procedure itself is done on babies in less than a minute.

You can register online for a circumcision procedure.

Baby Circumcision Procedure Video

Male Circumcision Video – Teens and Adults

Adult circumcision is one of the specialties of Gentle Procedures Clinic. The adult procedure is a little longer than circumcision for babies – about five minutes of surgery under local anesthesia followed by several hours of observation and recuperation time on-site in our clinic’s recovery room.

We offer circumcision for children of all ages. Please see below for a video of an older child circumcison.

Older Child Circumcision Video

Please contact us for information about adult, child, or baby circumcision.

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