No-scalpel vasectomies at the Gentle Procedures Clinic provide a safer, simpler and virtually painless alternative to conventional vasectomy.

This elegant technique doesn’t use needles or scalpels. Only a tiny puncture is required, rather than incisions. The small opening is often closed by the following day. Recovery time is faster than with conventional vasectomy and no stitches are required.

The no-scalpel technique differs from conventional procedures in the way in which the vas deferens is located, rather than how it is blocked. Studies show that no-scalpel vasectomies have a complication rate eight times lower than conventional approaches, and involve less intra-operative discomfort.

Getting a Vasectomy in Saskatoon or Regina

Gentle Procedures vasectomy clinics operate in Saskatoon, Regina and Swift Current, and are pleased to serve Saskatchewan men at any our locations.

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Gentle Procedures Clinic is a Canadian leader in the introduction of the no scalpel and no needle vasectomy surgical procedure. Our surgical team has world-class training and support, and we are proud to operate at the highest standard of surgical excellence…Read More
Welcome to Gentle Procedures Clinics. Our Saskatchewan clinics in Saskatoon and Swift Current are proud to offer world-class surgical methods. We are Canadian leaders in performing no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy procedures…Read More
In addition to a No-Scalpel technique described previously, our doctors offer an improved method of anesthesia called No-Needle anesthesia, which obviates the need for a sharp needle entering the scrotum by using air pressure which is much less anxiety-provoking and comfortable for patients… Read More
Do not take any Aspirin or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs such as Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, or Diclofenac… Read More
After your vasectomy, you should go home and rest for the remainder of the day and evening. Minimize any kind of activity. Some men have no pain at all while many others have aches in the groin. That’s because the testes originate from the abdomen as an embryo and share some of the same nerve supplies. Anything in the scrotum may be perceived in the abdomen as well… Read More
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Request a Vasectomy Consultation Appointment…Read More
Video of a no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy as performed at our clinics in Saskatoon and Swift…Read More

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