The fee for circumcision is not covered by Saskatchewan Health and is paid privately at our circumcision clinics in Swift Current, Saskatoon, and Regina.

How much does an infant circumcision surgery cost?

The fee for circumcision for newborn boys up to 60 days of age is $345. The price increases after that with the age of the baby.

How much for older babies and toddlers?

Babies older than 2 months will cost more than infants because the procedure becomes a little more complex. Please send us your son’s info on the form below so we can confirm pricing and appointment times for you.

How much for boys, teens and adults?

In general, the older the patient, the higher the cost. For teen and adult circumcision please Request an Appointment for a consultation prior to booking a procedure.

Please contact us so we can confirm pricing based on your situation.

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